Lucky in love three times

Updated: 2014-11-14 15:53

By Zhou Wenting(Shanghai Star)

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Lucky in love three times

Lu Xin has always been attracted to tall men, and when she met Yang Yixiu, they clicked. Photo provided to Shanghai Star

Lu Xin has three important men in her life, her father, her brother and now her husband-to-be. Zhou Wenting meets a girl who has plenty of people looking out for her.

Everybody wants to have love in his or her life - whether it is from family or a romantic partner. Lu Xin is lucky to be adored by three men. She was brought up by a loving father, accompanied and guided by an elder brother and now she has found her Mr Right.

Determined father

Lu Xin's mother fell pregnant when her son was 9-years-old and a second child was forbidden under the family planning policy of the 1980s. Even though violating the policy would mean Lu Zuyin, the father, would be dismissed from the Party and lose his job at a State-owned enterprise, the family was determined to keep the child.

"I'm an adopted child and I know how bitter it is to be abandoned. I won't let that happen to my child," says Lu Zuyin, 60.

The happiness of having a son and a daughter after the girl was born distracted the father from the pain of losing his job. However, the parents were devastated to discover their newborn daughter suffered from a congenital dislocation of the right knee.

"Nobody could promise success to cure my girl of this rare disease, but I didn't want to give up. I would not leave the baby with any regrets even if I have to surrender my last resources to wager on her future," says the father.

Lu clearly remembers her father taking her to many hospitals, one after another, to seek medical advice. "I couldn't even walk when I was in kindergarten,” says Lu, who is now a 26-year-old freelancer.

Some neighbors advised her father to abandon the child, a suggestion he firmly refuted. "She's my precious daughter who I got after making sacrifices in work. Moreover, nobody would take her for medical treatment if they adopted her," Lu Zuyin says.

After years of medical treatment, Lu Xin began to learn to walk at 6. Her father had spent all his savings and had debts of about 80,000 yuan ($13,000).

"All my neighbors called me 'Santana’ at that time because the car model had just been introduced to China and cost nearly 200,000 yuan," says Lu, who can now run and jump just like anyone else.

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