Bringing Hollywood into your home

Updated: 2015-02-06 04:57

By Joshua Shi(Shanghai Star)

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Bringing Hollywood into your home

Luxury and fun: The Shanghai lane house has been designed to exude under-stated, modern elegance. Photo provided to Shanghai Star

Lechner von Leheneck was born in Salzburg, Austria into a noble family. His grandfather was a publisher and his grandmother a novelist and his father a book distributor. Holding a doctorate in Law and a masters degree in Political Science and Journalism, Lechner von Leheneck had already established himself as a successful publisher and lawyer before he became an investor in the movie and entertainment industry.

In 2003, Lechner von Leheneck joined a German government delegation visiting China, and started to invest in China's movie industry. In 2007, he founded Chinawood Film Group working with Hollywood's talent together with China's major movie industry players.

"This dining and sitting space is a perfect place to talk business and relax with friends," says Lechner von Leheneck. He now often brings his business associates and friends to his home, having meals in the dining room and then relaxing in the sitting room.

Lechner von Leheneck is currently working on a few movie projects, and has recently signed Collusion, the new David Marconi movie thriller to be shot in China, Germany, Austria and the US for global distribution.