Chinese firm makes outdoor air purifier

Updated: 2015-04-23 15:09

By Liu Zhihua(

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Xinghui Environment Protection, based in Jieyang, Guangdong province, said on Monday that it has made an air purfying machine for outdoor use, the first by a Chinese company.

Xie Hui, president, Xinghui Environment Protection, said the company's new air purifiers can "efficiently clean air in an open space of 300,000 square meters".

Air pollution is an environmental concern in China. Traditionally, an air purifier or cleaner works as it uses fine sieves that filter particles in air circulation in a room, or uses electrostatic to adsorb polluted particles, and thus, an air purifier or cleaner is only efficient in a limited space.

"People tend to think it is impossible to clean the air outdoors because the air flows, but that is wrong," Xie said at a press conference in the Great Hall of the People.

"The air does flow, but in a certain space, the air is also relatively still, and that provides the possibility to clean the outdoor air."

The company also announced it would donate devices to several kindergartens in Beijing, as a corporate social reasonability project.

Li Guoqiang, deputy general secretary, Working Committee for the Care of the Next Generation, an organization of retired government officials set up in 1990 to provide assistance and protection to young generation, said polluted air is especially harmful to young children in their growing up days, and that he was thankful for the company's donation.


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