Stars who aced national exams

Updated: 2015-06-08 13:52


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The ongoing national entrance exam is both a dream maker and a dream breaker, as earning good test scores in it is the only ticket to studying at top-notch universities in China. There's no way around it, and stars who have graduated from prestigious schools have also sat in the nerve-wrecking test halls.

Here, we provide a few of A-class Chinese celebrities who aced their national entrance exams.

Stars who aced national exams

Chinese actress Yang Mi. [Photo/]

Yang Mi

Actress Yang Mi, who has acted since childhood and often recognized for her somewhat incompetent performances on-screen, was admitted to the Performance Department of Beijing Film Academy with the highest test scores in 2005. Hard to believe but it is the truth. It's been reported that Yang was busy filming on the eve of the national entrance exam and did not have much time to prepare. She learned a segment from a Spanish dance ensemble and the folk song Nan ni wan just before she sat for the exams.

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