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What is the true picture of Western media?

Updated: 2011-01-06 10:45


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We selected two typical messages that reflect the views of many readers. What is your opinion? Pease send us email or messages. Your comments are welcome.

Comment on "English and Chinese make a thoughtful blend" (China Daily website, Dec 28)

Some Westerners are so brainwashed by their bigoted media that they quickly consider foreign cultures to be hostile and inferior. They try to take us for illiterate bumpkins and make it look like they were innocent of the annihilation of the Aboriginals in their homeland. They are so loyal to their culture that they must nit-pick and highlight everything negative about other cultures.

I really appreciate how the West managed to improve using the culture and science from around the world and then erase traces of these innovations to make it look like they came up with it all by themselves. The pride from such lies can then be used to show how superior they are and justify their prejudice against all other cultures. It is hard to trust such accomplished liars and thieves. Besides that, however, I'm really a friend to the West. I often say good things about it. This post is meant to be constructive criticism, which I notice is quite absent from mainstream media.

Westgood, on China Daily website

What I do see endless evidence of, is the pro-China posters criticizing and highlighting only the negative aspects of Western culture. It is rare to see a positive comment about the West. I admit that Australia and British colonialists have done a lot of bad things in the past and that we still have a lot to improve. I also don't understand your comments about being brainwashed by bigoted media. Surely the very act of reading China Daily every day demonstrates the fact that I am taking a broad perspective on world events. Do you regularly read Australian newspapers? If you were to visit Australia and experience the culture you would immediately understand that no one considers themselves innocent of the so-called annihilation of the Aboriginals (how can they be annihilated? There are half a million of them!). We are actually quite embarrassed and ashamed by it. We are taught about it at school, we have access to many forms of media and books that explain what happened, there are many social welfare and lobby groups that rightfully keep reminding us of it. A lot has been done to improve the quality of life for Aboriginals, but it is a difficult and complex problem to solve. There are many factors working against the process, some due to inherent differences between ancient and modern cultures trying to integrate, some due to racist views still lingering in some people.

pseudoseer, on China Daily website



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