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Argument doesn't hold water

Updated: 2011-03-08 08:02

(China Daily)

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Comment on "How to attract more global tourists" (China Daily, March 2)

I don't agree with the points mentioned in the article. The number of foreign tourists visiting China will not increase if hotels have more English-speaking staff members or supply Western food.

In fact, I don't expect Chinese-speaking hotel staff members and Chinese food when I go abroad.

China has the advantage of having many historic and natural sites across the length and breadth of its territory, and foreign tourists will visit simply because they are there. Moreover, because many of the tourist sites are in remote areas and visited by few people that they remain pristine and, hence, more attractive. Hotels, however, need to improve their service in some areas. For example, the practice of making guests pay in advance - that is, when they check in - leaves a bad impression on many tourists. Guests may feel that they are not trusted. It is important for China to take measures to make its services industry follow international practices.

Lao Sichuan, on China Daily website

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