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Food safety a permanent affair

Updated: 2011-04-12 08:00

(China Daily)

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Comment on "Who can guarantee China's pork is safe?" (April 6, China Daily)

As a simple consumer, I was shocked again by reports of clenbuterol, a toxic additive, being found in pig feed. More shocking was the news that products of even famous food companies like Shuanghui cannot be trusted.

The food industry doesn't seem to have learned any lesson from the melamine-contaminated milk powder scandal.

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I don't agree that the relevant officials are serious about food safety. Had they been so, food scandals would not have occurred so often. Food safety authorities have to shoulder most of the blame for the scandals.

Their supervision of food-producing companies has been found lacking.

The central authorities have launched a one-year crackdown on illegal additives in pig feed that can harm people eating pork. But I think food safety supervision should be a permanent and strict affair, rather than a one-time campaign to prevent food scandals.

The authorities should make more effort to improve supervision.

Lilian, via e-mail

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