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Special website a welcome move

Updated: 2011-04-29 09:28

(China Daily)

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Comment on "Website for disabled services" (China Daily, April 20)

The website dedicated for the physically challenged is a big step the country has taken in a much-needed direction. It not only grants the physically challenged access to the Internet, but also displays the respect society has for them.

The Internet has become increasingly popular because it is a major source of information, and the physically challenged should be encouraged to make better use of it.

A farmer who cannot walk now has reportedly taken up a part-time job as a columnist for a website apart from being a BBS (bulletin board system) moderator.

He builds friendships online, based on common interests. Regular communication with other netizens is helping him broaden his view, too. I hope more websites would be built for the physically challenged people, who are an integral part of our society. They should not be forgotten in this age of the Internet.

The corrugated stretch on pavements for the visually challenged is proof of a society that is aware of its responsibilities. The creation of more online services for the physically challenge will add to that proof.

Yin Hua and Qiu Xu, via e-mail

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