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Judgments without bias or stereotypes

Updated: 2011-05-05 17:29


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Comment on “Threat remains after bin Laden killed by US forces” (China Daily website on May 3, 2011)

As a concerned world citizen, I always try to look at every situation without bias. Because of my background I am well placed to do so, because I have no national ties or feelings and I hope some day the whole of humanity will feel the same, a world citizen, so that we can finally make the step to a classless society.

I used to be a pacifist, but I have learned that extremists will abuse any weakness. So an "American attitude" is necessary to survive in this world, but that does not mean that the US makes no mistakes. It's a fine line between being able to stand for oneself without arrogance and the US has crossed that line many times. So was Iraq War wrong? Absolutely. But killing a terrorist like Bin Laden is completely justified.

To all of you on this site, perhaps it is time to make up your own mind about every situation instead of starting from one stereotype (evil Americans) and then see everything from this biased perspective, blind to contradictory facts.

It is intellectual laziness, cowardliness, to refuse to think, or worse, to hide when facts are presented that are irrefutable.

In short: it is not because the US has done wrong in the past that they are wrong all the time. It is not because some western countries have humiliated China in the past, that all westerners are still bad or even agreed with their government at the time (may be a surprise to you, but most did not). So, I expect further rants about all things western, which will only show the immature thinking of some of these people.

As a man driven by reason, I reject dogmas, bias, stereotypes and its nastier relatives xenophobia and racism not only one way, as most here, but all ways and always. And if these people are immune to reason, they should be ridiculed, which they also are.

Christian Fletcheron China Daily website

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