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War is like a game of chess

Updated: 2011-05-10 16:25


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Comment on “NATO strikes target Gadhafi compound” (China Daily website on May 10, 2011)

I think NATO commanders are not very smart people. Maybe they think Gadhafi is stupid.

Maybe the NATO commanders were thinking of the psychological aspect of warfare. NATO thought Gadhafi thought that because NATO had bombed his residence before it would not again bomb the same place and it was safe to spend the night there. With this in mind, NATO commanders ordered its planes to bomb the same place repeatedly, hoping that one of the strikes would get the man. War is like playing chess, with one player trying to outwit the other.

With such nonstop bombing of Gadhafi's compound, the NATO commanders were crying it would be checkmate soon. Well Gadhafi had also shown his resolve to stay alive and outwit the rebels as well as NATO. Chess is a game where might is not right all the time. A weak person may win over a strong party.

My view is Gadhafi has strong civilian supporters who believe Gadhafi will be safe staying with the masses. It is not about bravery or cowardice. It is about survival in order to win the chess game.

Are we finding a situation where Gadhafi is not killing his civilians but his civilians are willing to die to protect the leader from evil NATO strikes? Maybe NATO would have to kill civilians to knock out Gadhafi.

Your move. Time is ticking.

HsunTze on China Daily website

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