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Believe in hoop dream

Comment on "No slam dunk for China" (China Daily website, Sept 16)

I enjoyed reading the article, and I know that the Chinese basketball team is still in danger of missing out on next year's London Olympic Games. It really interested me because I never really associated basketball with China; ignorant to the fact that retired NBA star Yao Ming was a key player on the team.

Injuries have really plagued China in the race to make it to next year's Olympics. The team's sharp shooter, Wang Shipeng, hurt his wrist in an exhibition game and forward Zhou Peng pulled out with an elbow injury, which sets China up as the underdog.

I believe China has been hit by injuries and facing opponents without center Yao Ming will be very difficult, but I don't think you can write it off just yet. China has so much pride and hasn't missed an Olympics appearance since it made its debut in 1984. And with that in mind, I believe they will play with a lot of heart. Despite the injuries and missing players, they still have a good chance to perform well.

Freeman, via e-mail

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