KFC will pay for its failures

Updated: 2012-12-24 21:33


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KFC has committed two errors in dealing with a scandal in China. Firstly, it hid the fact its chickens are full of drugs. Secondly, it lied to the public about the safety of its food, says an article in China Business News. Excerpts:

According to the Shanghai food safety watchdog, KFC in Shanghai found problems with the chicken it used during its own inspection. But it kept consumers in the dark until the food quality authority discovered the problems.

KFC acted so innocently in its explanation that we cannot see any sincerity in its apology.

As a globally known food enterprise, KFC disappointed Chinese consumers with its lack of reliability on food safety. Sacrificing public health for profit suggests KFC is no different from small businesses in the food industry.

KFC used to be known as an enterprise that helped charities and had a strong sense of social responsibility. However, if a food enterprise can lie about the safety of its products, what else can we expect from it?

KFC will pay a heavy price for its failures. Despite light punishment meted out to food safety violators in China, the most serious punishment for KFC may come from consumers, who will vote with their feet.

This incident reminds the authorities that no enterprises can be exempt from quality checks and supervision, be it a grassroots food business, or a global food production giant.

Law enforcement agencies must strengthen implementation of the Food Safety Law and harshly punish wrongdoers, because food safety issues concern not only people's health, but also their confidence in the government. Harsh punishments will also deter other potential violators and help establish a healthy marketplace.