Real cause of Apple's arrogance in China

Updated: 2013-03-28 22:37


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Apple's arrogance in China is not only a result of its competitiveness but also a poor market environment in China which lacks effective supervision and strict law enforcement, says an article in People's Daily. Excerpt:

Although Apple's sales in the last quarter in China hit $7.3 billion, and the Chinese market accounted for 34 percent of its global growth last December, higher than the US market, Apple's after-sales service level in China is much lower than in developed economies and some practices even break Chinese laws.

But the slack approach of market administrations in China toward these laws leaves Chinese consumers as the victims of the arrogance of Apple.

While bombarding Apple over its discriminatory treatment of Chinese consumers, the Chinese media should not ignore the negative environment in the Chinese market and other enterprises, whose services are much worse than Apple's.

Chinese customers believe multinational companies should offer them the same products and services as they do in developed economies. But, they do not take China's poor market environment into consideration, in which bad money drives out good money. That's why international brands "localize" very soon in the Chinese market.

Seeking profits is the ultimate purpose for all businesses, irrespective of their scale or reputation. Only in a well-supervised and regulated market can consumers' rights be protected.