The US should rethink its role in Asia

Updated: 2013-11-15 16:02


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Using Asian security as an excuse to strengthen military deployment and alliances in the region is out of accord with the times, said an article in the People's Daily (excerpts below).

How to maintain its presence and play a leading role in an increasingly important Asia is a hot topic for US politicians.

It is noteworthy that some people in the US have a tendency to exaggerate Asia's security situation. In their eyes, the continent is a dangerous place sizzling with nationalism and they see worsening territorial disputes and a fierce arms race.

Some people in the US predict Asia has gone back to a state of confrontation and the "Century of Asia" has collapsed.

Some even warn that no one in the world will benefit from Asia's development and they urge the US to take concrete action to divert its strategic center of gravity to Asia. This thinking is not uncommon among leading US politicians

The US is a Pacific country and has numerous connections with Asia. It is natural for the US to care about Asia’s situation.

However, if the US bases its decision-making solely on security concerns regarding Asia, its strategy in Asia will not help to solve sensitive problems bit will lead to creating more problems.

Regional cooperation in Asia is flourishing and economic growth remains robust. Most people in Asia look forward to carrying on the positive momentum and promoting the common development of the continent. They do not want to see a divided Asia based on a Cold War mentality.

If the US cannot lower itself to an equal participant of the integration of the Asia and Pacific region, and instead prepares to create confrontation, the US presence in Asia will be meaningless for it to play a "leading role".