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Updated: 2014-01-28 07:58

(China Daily)

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Comment on "High-end private clubs shut down in China" (China Daily website, Jan 22)

The entire high-end catering and entertainment sector, especially high-end private clubs, has gone cold because of the central authorities' campaign to curb extravagance and crackdown on corruption.

In the past, mostly public funds were used to foot the bills for the lavish parties that officials held in high-end restaurants, hotels and clubs. But the Chinese leadership's intensive campaign has now reduced the business of high-end hospitality establishments, which is a welcome change for and beneficial to society.

The development has made a positive difference in the lives of ordinary consumers, too. For example, the average cost of a family reunion dinner in a high-end restaurant for this Spring Festival is much less than in the past few years, because such establishments are now trying to attract ordinary consumers through reasonable offers.

Consumption based on public funds is unhealthy for society and needs to be stopped. So, high-end catering and entertainment enterprises should change their business model to suit the changing times. Since living standards in China have improved in recent years, an increasing number of people can and are willing to spend more money on quality goods and services.

Therefore, instead of ruing the loss of former consumers, high-end hospitality enterprises should look for new ways to attract ordinary consumers to expand their business.

Chris Wang, via e-mail

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