Mo Yan is a hard act to follow

Updated: 2014-10-09 08:00

By Pimpernel2(China Daily)

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Comment on "Looking for the next Mo Yan" (China Daily, Sept 10)

One day in a library in the United Kingdom, I found it hard to find a book to read, and then I discovered Mo Yan. I have been reading Chinese literature translated into English for at least 14 years. But maybe 75 percent of the Chinese authors I read are sadly unknown in the United Kingdom.

Finding them to be different to Western books and stories, I have read them all with relish.

Mo Yan's stories really shocked me, he is truly a great writer and there are too few people who can follow in his footsteps. I was so happy when he won the Nobel Prize. So, please do not be too hasty to find another author to take his place. Mo Yan is irreplaceable and I look forward to a time when more of his stories will be made into movies. Then more people will have a chance to experience this Nobel Prize winner's works.

PIMPERNEL2, from China Daily website