US, not China, involved in cyber espionage

Updated: 2015-02-13 17:11

By Han Dongping(

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Historically, China has been the biggest victims of Western pirating. Many Chinese inventions and innovations of tremendous commercial and military value have been stolen by Western nations.

Some of the Western nations stole the Chinese invention, turned around and used them against China in the end. China should never forget the bloody lessons of the past, and safeguard its national secret against foreign hackers as hard as possible.

I personally believe that the US and Western media’s churning out the speculations and accusation about China’s cyber spying is part of its strategy to cover up its own enhanced cyber intelligence in the face of China’s rise in the world.

Before the arrival of the Western imperialists, China was one of the greatest ancient civilizations in the world. The Western imperialists trampled on Chinese people and its civilization for almost hundred years.

Chinese people finally beat back the Western imperialists, and gradually gained the rightful place among the nations. Foreign powers can no longer do whatever they please with China any more. But they will not accept this reality without doing their utmost to prevent China from rising up.

Some of the US and Western media spread rumors and accusations about China’s cyber spying because of their raciest mindset.

They do not believe that the Chinese people are a creative people and they can create good things on their own without copying others. Khrushchev used to think that without the Soviet blueprints China would never be able to develop its own atomic bomb. He withdrew all the Soviet engineers working in China together with the blue prints in the 1960s. But in the end, Chinese people proved him wrong.

I used to manage a collectively owned rural industrial enterprise in the 1970s for four years before I went to college. The creativity of my workers who had been farmers just a few years ago often shocked me and others who came to know them. They used simplest tools, and ingenious methods to create products that engineers from the big cities and big factories could have never imagined. Someday, the children of former Chinese farmers with better education and better tools will shock the whole world with their creativity. The Western media should stop spreading speculations and accusations of Chinese cyber spying now.

The views do not necessarily reflect those of China Daily.

The author is a professor at Warren Wilson College and guest professor at Hebei University.


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