Ever wished you could cook lunch right at your desk?

2017-08-11 07:00:41

Be it a salad, a microwaved meal or packaged ramen, we have all prepared light lunches in our offices for convenience's sake; but how would you go about organizing tender, grilled steak for lunch? Or perhaps, some Sichuan-style hot pot? Would flame-broiled fish tickle your fancy? Ms Yeah has cooked all of the above and more at her office desk, and is now known by many as "The Office Chef". Ms Yeah has taken office lunches to a whole new level.

Summer camps: A dilemma for Chinese parents

2017-08-01 07:39:27

As we know, Chinese parents are willing to "sacrifice" or pay high costs for their children to attend summer programs where they experience a Western lifestyle and culture, expecting them to be successful one day.

Picky cabbies?

2011-11-11 15:56:29

Getting a taxi –especially at peak times or busy places- has become extremely difficult in many big cities in China.

Social justice or reverse discrimination?

2011-11-04 17:14:58

A university's plan to enroll rural students whose families produced no college graduate in the past three generations has sparked controversy and debate.

United stand crucial in battle

2011-10-28 11:07:22

As deadly disease is set to become more prevalent, china and UK are joining forces to fight it.

Moral lessons ignite debate

2011-04-06 16:07:37

Libya bombing: Deja vu?

2011-03-25 15:57:16

Is the bombing of Libya by the West-led coalition justified or is it yet another case of "might makes right"?

Rethinking nuclear safety

2011-03-17 10:18:03

As the Japanese recover from the massive 9.0-scale earthquake and giant tsunami, there is also growing concern over its nuclear safety.

Filial piety as law?

2011-01-13 14:27:15

Have you ever heard the popular Chinese song "Often Go Home to Visit Parents" (Chang Huijia Kankan)?

Giving & Receiving

2010-09-29 11:11:47

US billionaire philanthropists Bill Gates and Warren Buffett has invited several Chinese millionaires for dinner tonight to promote the spirit of charity.

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