Photography fan Yantufengjing, the nickname meaning “sceneries along the journey,” has a complex feeling about her traveling experience in Tibet.

She became interested in photography in early 2007, and the only reason behind that was that she found happiness through pressing the shutter. The most striking impression is that outsiders like her can’t understand truly the firm belief of Tibetans.

When I see those pilgrims, some of them disabled, worshiping on the road despite the unimaginable difficulties, a feeling of respect and awe rose from the bottom of my heart, she said.

An old Tibetan woman with a bronzed, weather-worn face and in traditional costume asked for money when her friend tried to take a photo at the Yumbu Lhakhang Monastery, the first palace of Tibet.

Yantufengjing was not surprised by the woman’s requirement and thought people would be affected more or less when a quiet, pure place was suddenly swarmed with visitors.

"Tibet is not a place that you can understand in one trip, and I definitely will go again. The nine-day trip last time was too superficial and like many visitors I only hunted for novelty." She plans to visit Tibet again by cycling before she is 30 years old.

She also urged those preparing to visit Tibet to be more sensitive to local Tibet cultures, particularly while photographing. "To be honest, I feel like it is an insult to Tibetans when I take photos of those people."


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 Photographer: Yantufengjing
Photo by Yantufengjing 

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