Zhang Mengdi prefers to be called Hu Zi, which means tiger. As a kid, he always wanted to have a camera but his parents worried it may distract his attention from his studies. It’s only after he was admitted into university that he received a dream gift from his mother – a camera, which later turned out to be his career.

Tibet appears to be surreal and a new world to him and maintains a rare, valuable sense of purity despite the bustling commercial development in some places.

"I always feel moved by the sceneries and naturally people enter into a status of becoming open and tolerant. "

On his way to Nyingchi in 2010, he tried to bribe a Tibetan boy with one yuan to prepare him for a feature photo, but the boy tore the note in half right in front of the camera.

But his memory of Tibet was not always sweet. At Namtso Lake, he saw a Tibetan herdsman trying hard to persuade a French tourist to pay and ride his listless horse, and they even quarreled.


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Photographer: Zhang Mengdi
Photo by Zhang Mengdi.

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