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Yang Yang is a professional photographer specializing in pictures of children.

Photographer:Yang Yang

"In my eyes, the best things are associated with childhood and each child is an angel with a beautiful story.Therefore, I choose to shoot children’s pictures. The crucial thing is to be able to discover and appreciate beauty in their worlds," he said.

Yang prefers working outside and tries to get a glimpse into people’s real life.

Sometimes he travels to remote villages in impoverished regions to record the poverty and pathetic living conditions of children in these areas; sometimes he ventures into the bustle and hustle of cosmopolitan life to photograph urban kids'colorful and happy childhood.

Yang holds that the best photos are usually produced by photographers who work from real life and take delight in sharing the exhilarating moments with others.

"I don’t like to shoot purely art photos in a studio, which I think too artificial and doesn’t help to depict the children’s innate feelings," he said.

"Maybe my photos lack the magnificence, delicate make-up and gorgeous dresses of studios, but I think nothing is comparable to the beauty of human emotions in a real life scenario," he said.

"Just let them be themselves, and then I can record the most natural moments of the children and their surroundings. It is the ordinary or even sometimes “boring” moments in life that touch people the most.”

Savoring life with cameras has become a lifestyle for Yang.

In his view, photos are not just stationary pictures but dynamic triggers for memories, which are priceless for both himself and his clients.

"I always remember the exact moment I shot the photo when looking back at the photos again," he said.

"Remember: when you pick up a camera, you pick up the world."

His personal photography website is http://blog.sina.com.cn/kidsfashion

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