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Photographer — Yi Hui

Yi Hui

Yi Hui, born in 1980 in Guilin, a city with beautiful scenery in South China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, is a female photographer who focuses on girls and young mothers to showcase their inner beauty.

Influenced by her father, Yi loved arts and photography since she was a little girl and developed the skill after the birth of her daughter three years ago.

"At the very beginning, I just want to take pictures with my daughter and then gradually decide to create this series," Yi said.

Yi says she never takes photos deliberately. She just likes to reflect her simple love to the happiness of life. Yi's models are all her relatives and friends not professionals. She likes their relaxed status which can often bring her much inspiration.

"We are familiar with each other and can well-understand each other. We even like to go out on a trip when taking pictures," Yi said.

"Girls always have lots of fantasies and every girl has a fairytale in her heart. I just want to fully demonstrate them," Yi Hui said, "I even think that I just take photos for myself and what they show exactly reflects the inner world of mine."


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