His pictures speak for themselves

Updated: 2012-12-04 16:11


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Jiang Yufan, 23, started taking pictures in 2008, when he was a freshman at Nanjing University.

At the beginning he liked to shoot sceneries and architecture, but he soon turned to portraits and sketches. He likes humanistic and documentary photography most because they always seem to tell a story.

He believes photography is a kind of creative self-expression that can mirror the photographer's experience and inner world.

"When I shot people at the beginning, I always felt nervous because I didn't know whether they would permit it. But when I saw their smiles, I became more confident because I knew they weren't dissatisfied with me," Jiang said.

As for his favorite masters, Jiang believes, "Like the works, like the man." And "letting the pictures do the talking is the best kind of photography," Jiang said.

His pictures speak for themselves
His pictures speak for themselves

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