Minority language to be promoted

2011-02-15 13:06:44

A lunar eclipse turns the moon pink

2010-12-22 11:10:04

Skygazers with a clear view in North America and Europe were greeted with a celestial treat in the early morning hours on Tuesday, as a unique total lunar eclipse was to transform the Moon pink, coppery or even a blood red.

AIDS program targets migrant workers

2010-12-22 11:10:04

Health authorities launched a nationwide HIV/AIDS awareness-raising campaign on Tuesday, mainly targeting China's 200 million migrant workers from rural areas who experts say are exposed to a high risk of getting the possibly deadly infection.

At least 7 killed, hundreds injured in Iranian earthquake

2010-12-22 11:10:04

At least seven people were killed in a 6.5-magnitude earthquake that jolted southeastern Iran on Monday, damaging buildings in outlying mountainous areas, the region's governor said.

Most bird-like dinosaurs ate plants, new study finds

2010-12-22 11:10:04

Bird-like dinosaurs long believed to be carnivorous predators were in fact plant lovers, with the notable exception of dedicated hunters such as T. rex, United States paleontologists said on Monday.