China's basketball league to set up players' association

Updated: 2015-02-26 16:18


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BEIJING -- The Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) is planning to set up a players' association.

Like the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) which was launched in 1954, the CBA's players union is expected to protect the rights of CBA players, however, pundits are worried whether this union is really able to do the job.

"Although it is a trend to set up a players' union, the most important is whether the union can protect the players' rights or not," said Xu Jicheng, a well-known Chinese commentator on the game.

Different from the NBPA which is independent from NBA, the CBA players' association will be part of the CBA structure.

Twenty CBA clubs will be asked to have a player representative each in the union, which will hire a lawyer to offer legal help and advice.

Shanxi player Duan Jiangpeng is looking forward to the establishment of the players' union.

"I hope the union will be 100 percent on our side and protect and maximize our rights," he said.