Club owners, players hail soccer reform plan

Updated: 2015-03-17 11:01


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BEIJING - Soccer officials, club officials and players considered Chinese soccer's spring is coming when the government Monday published an overall reform plan to boost the sport.

The reforms involve almost every aspect of the sport, including the system, professional clubs, professional leagues, the national teams and grassroots soccer.

The reform plan, last month passed by China's central reform group, chaired by President Xi Jinping, showed the determination of a country which is known for its ability to mobilize resources to achieve colossal tasks.

"Soccer's spring finally comes with the state leader's presiding and designing. The plan has my full support and I am very proud," said Liu Weili, secretary general of Changchun soccer association.

Shandong Luneng general manager Yao Lu said the plan gave directions for the further development of China's soccer, which attached much importance to youth talents.

"On one side, we need to focus on the training and competition of the first team. On the other side, we will make more efforts to train young players, introduce the advanced youth training system and facilities from abroad in order to send more talents to the national teams of all levels," he said.

As far as China international Sun Ke is concerned, more children will be drawn into the sport.

"Many gifted children give up the sport in the midway because of their parents' concerns for their future. But the plan will allow the children to study at school while they play soccer. A better environment will give us a bright prospect," Sun said.