More Chinese tourists visit Vietnam without tour guides or travel agents

Updated: 2013-10-14 11:08


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Tung said that because of stepped-up tourism promotions and the improvement of tourism destinations in Vietnam, the county has been able to lure more foreign tourists, including those from China's mainland.

The world's natural heritage site of Ha Long Bay and capital Hanoi in northern Vietnam are among the well-known traditional destinations for Chinese tourists for many years.

The government has built more infrastructure projects and has improved tourism facilities and services in tourism spots in central and southern Vietnam, such as Da Nang and Nha Trang, known for their fine beaches. More and more tourist destinations in Vietnam have been added in the past five years, said Tung.

According to the General Statistics Office (GSO), in 2012, Vietnam had 6.847 million foreign tourists, of which 1.428 million were from China, ranking first among foreign tourists to Vietnam. In the first nine months of 2013, the figure reached nearly 5.5 million, with 1.36 million from China.

Tung said that with an average of 20 flights a week from China to Da Nang and more flights to southern Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, air travel is the most convenient way for Chinese tourists to visit Vietnam other than taking road or sea routes.

"The closeness between the two countries and the convenience of visa and entry procedures, as well as the increase in number of five-star hotels and improved services, are also plus points for the country's tourism sector in attracting traditional Chinese tourists," Tung added.

Ha and other tour guides have to face up to the reality on the ground. Ha said that while their services for tourists are no longer viable, they have shifted to help entrepreneurs, including those from China, do some research on investment opportunities, as economic and trade exchanges between the two countries have increased tremendously over the last few years.

More Chinese tourists visit Vietnam without tour guides or travel agents

More Chinese tourists visit Vietnam without tour guides or travel agents

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