Say "hi" to the ghost: 10 creepiest attractions around the world

Updated: 2014-08-08 08:56


Replica from Little Red Riding Hood, Germany


An interior peek of the hotel, which was inspired by fairytale Little Red Riding Hood. [Photo/IC]

Inspired by Little Red Riding Hood, artists replicated a hotel from the fairytale to offer tourists an exciting yet dark experience. The nature-infused room has pieces of old-fashioned furniture and a stuffed cartoon wolf in human clothing on the floor, awaiting the arrival of his next meal.

Dead leaves fill the floor, lining a narrow dirt path showing where Little Red Riding Hood would have walked to her Grandma's house. The installation was designed for the art project "Hotel by the Hour" at the Bachstelzen Festival in Berlin. One of the hotel's designers, Carolina Cruz, said "For our room, we changed the fairytale a bit: Red Riding Hood wasn't a good girl at all, and was suffering under her conservative grandma - so the wolf helped her out by eating grandma and joining Red Riding Hood's fun at the den."

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