Zhaohua ancient city in Sichuan

Updated: 2014-09-05 09:59


Zhaohua ancient city in Sichuan



Zhaohua ancient city is one of the better-preserved ancient towns in China. Situated close to Guangyuan city in Sichuan province, it is a convenient site to check out for those visiting the ancient Jianmen Shu Road.

In the reconstructed city, dozens of antique-style wooden shops offer a rich variety of local souvenirs and snacks. There are a number of preserved buildings that take you back to imperial times, including the local magistrate's building, the site of the ancient local government.

Strolling through the town, visitors will discover more surprises. In the middle of the town there is the imperial examination hall, with guards in vintage costumes standing outside. Those who wanted to go in to take the civil service examinations had to provide a guarantor to stamp their seal, and there were rooms inside to punish those who were caught cheating!

The highlight of Zhaohua ancient city is, without a doubt, the riding and jousting performances. An expansive stadium stands right outside the town in a stunning natural location, with steep hills and greenery on all four sides. The riders, dressed as historical warriors, speed around the stadium fighting each other with long lances. Sand flies up into the air and the crowd cheers as the riders are knocked off-balance or thrown onto the ground.

Zhaohua ancient city, with its historical charm, is an essential destination for anybody who loves history and wants to experience ancient Sichuan culture firsthand.



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