Water town

Updated: 2014-11-24 10:22

(Shanghai Star)

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Not to miss

East China University of Political Science and Law

This is the famous former Saint John’s University, China’s first-ever modern institution of higher education established by missionaries from the United States in 1879. The buildings combine Chinese and Western elements.

Address: 1575 Wanhangdu Road, Changning district

The old residential area

After you leave the university from its east gate you will enter a shabby neighborhood that retains its original look. The alleys are narrow and the houses are overcrowded. Some things have not changed for many generations, such as raising chickens at home.

Address: West Guangfu Road

Moganshan Road

This is an artsy street that has become very popular among artists and fashionistas in recent years. Graffiti covers the walls on the winding street, where you can find a cluster of art galleries and creative industry offices.

Sihang Warehouse 

Four banks jointly funded the construction of this warehouse, so it is named sihang, or four banks. The warehouse, built in 1931, was used for the storage of food, first-aid supplies and ammunition during the years of war. The building, which is also a masterpiece left by the Hungarian architect Laszlo Hudec in the 1930s, has been recently transformed into a center of creative industry workshops.

Address: 1 Guangfu Road, Zhabei district



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