Good design raises the appeal of a tourism destination

Updated: 2014-12-09 07:00


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As Chinese people become more experienced travelers, tourism destinations attract them not only for the scenery but also for the service, ambience, and design that make the whole experience pleasant and complete.

Werkhart International, a global design and consulting group, recently held a press conference in Beijing and released their report that predicts the trends of tourism property design in 2015.

Presented by Luo Danheng, deputy general manager of the group's Beijing branch, the report suggested that good design in a tourism destination would encourage travelers to spend more there.

The report emphasized the importance of harmony between nature and humans in the design, as it is the fundamental law of sustainable development. By building an environmentally friendly destination, the design should not only respect the original landscape, but also pay attention to green building materials, a green way of transportation and eco-friendly patterns of consumption.

Being able to cater to different needs through design is another factor that can boost tourists'consumption, according to the report. As young Chinese born after the 1970s and 1980s became the backbone of most families, many spending habits on travel have changed. In recent years, family travel, leisure travel, health-related travel and eco-friendly travel have been growing rapidly compared to traditional sightseeing tours.

Last but not least, any successful design of a tourism destination cannot be achieved without the element of culture, the report pointed out. It explained that the ultimate goal of design is to build the brand of the destination, and an impressive brand takes sophisticated design, which also gives the architecture, scenery and lifestyle a soul under a themed culture.