Life of the "Sea Gypsies" on water

Updated: 2015-05-05 14:10


Life of the

The Bajau people of Malaysia sail over crystal clear water in a pirogue, a long narrow canoe made from a tree trunk. [Photo/IC]

A nomadic, seafaring indigenous people, the Bajau live their lives almost entirely at sea in the countries of Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. Photographer Ng Choo Kia visited the Bajau people in Malaysia's eastern state Sabah, joining them on their pirogues and documenting their daily life in a series of pictures. Off the eastern coast of Sabah, children as young as four were found catching fish, octopus and lobsters from handmade boats. Along with their families, they live in wooden huts on stilts and trade their seafood for necessities with islanders in the nearby town of Semporna. The Bajau people are also called the "Sea Gypsies" and "Sea Nomads".

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