Shanxi's impact

Updated: 2015-10-27 11:05

By Maheswaran Ramu(

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Shanxi's impact

[Photo by Kim Keun Jung/Provided for]

I am nostalgic when I think of the moments we shared in Shanxi. Each place we visited had a unique theme and feel. The trip was like a delicious meal made with handpicked ingredients that kept our appetites satisfied with joy.

Day 1 – We visited Pingyao, the ancient Wall Street of China, and a world heritage site that brought back ancient culture in front of our eyes. Every spot in Pingyao tells its history of more than 700 years.

Day 2 – The Hukou Waterfall stands as proof that nature is always superior in this world. I bowed before the power of Mother Nature. The riverbed beckons all with water droplets thrown off by the rapids and carried on the breeze. The waterfall roars like a fierce lion and there is much to learn and understand. It is a remarkable site along the Yellow River.

The Taosi relics site, an archaeological site in Linfen, is believed to be the ancient capital of China under the Yao Emperor and is added evidence for historical records. Documents from Yao’s time say astronomers of the period were assigned to observe and study celestial objects, such as the sun, moon and stars. Discoveries at this excavation site match with those practices described in the documents. A chance to look back beyond 4,000 years ago was an incredible experience.

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