Discovering the glamor up in the sky

Updated: 2010-12-28 12:15


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Discovering the glamor up in the sky
This infrared image from NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, or WISE, released by NASA Dec 27, 2010, shows the Lambda Centauri nebula, a star-forming cloud in our Milky Way galaxy, also known as the Running Chicken nebula. The nebula is about 5,800 light-years from Earth.The red, glowing dust is the coolest material visible in this image and is composed of metallic dust grains. The greenish components in the image are warmer dust grains composed of smog-like materials. The large green ring-like structure near the middle of the image is some 77 light-years across and was formed when materials that created the stars in the clusters were blown back by the combined winds of the stars. [Photo/Agencies]

Discovering the glamor up in the sky
A supernova within the galaxy M100, that may contain the youngest known black hole in our cosmic neighborhood, is seen in this composite image released to Reuters Nov 15, 2010, Chandra's X-rays are colored gold, while optical data from ESO's Very Large Telescope are shown in yellow-white and blue, and infrared data from Spitzer are red. Earth's newest neighbor, a supernova spotted 30 years ago, appears to be a newborn black hole, astronomers reported on Monday. X-ray observations suggest the object, a mere 50 million light-years away in a neighboring galaxy, is a black hole in the making, the team of US and European astronomers said. [Photo/Agencies]

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