Toyota recalls 308,000 SUVs in US to fix airbags

Updated: 2011-04-22 16:19


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Toyota recalls 308,000 SUVs in US to fix airbags
Toyota Motor signboards are displayed at a dealer's shop in Yokohama, south of Tokyo in this February 9, 2011 file photo. [photo/Agencies]

CHICAGO - Toyota Motor Corp. announced Thursday it will recall about 308,000 SUVs in US to fix problems related to unwanted airbag deployments, according to a report of Detnews.

The recall affects about 214,000 2007 and 2008 RAV4 and 94,000 2008 Toyota Highlander and Highlander HV SUVs sold in the US.

The problems stem from these specific models' two sensors in the airbag assembly which meant to detect vehicle roll angle, if one sensor malfunctions, the airbag warning light will illuminate and the roll detection system will be suspended, but the airbag would still activate in a side collision, said Toyota.

But if both sensors fail "nearly simultaneously" after an airbag system check, it may lead to the inadvertent deployment of the airbags, according to the company.

Vehicles equipped with the roll sensing curtain shield airbag system have only been sold in North American market.

The Japanese automaker has received reports of some minor injuries caused by the airbag fault, prompting the company to conduct a voluntary recall.  

Toyota will send notification letters to owners of involved vehicles by May, and dealers will replace the roll sensing sensor assembly with a new one for free when parts become available.


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