US-Chinese adoptions celebrated

Updated: 2012-06-04 11:19

By Liu Yiyi in New York (China Daily)

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US-Chinese adoptions celebrated
Genia Babyak (left) and her husband Michael, with 10-year-old Juliet and eight-year-old Genevieve, at the party hosted by the Chinese Consulate General in New York. [Liu Yiyi for China Daily] 

American families who have adopted Chinese children celebrated International Children's Day at the Chinese Consulate General in New York on Saturday.

The celebration brought together adopted children from China aged between two and 19 with children of the staff at the Consulate General, and child performers in martial arts and dancing from local Chinese schools. "I hope these children will act as a bridge to develop the friendship between China and the United States," Consul General Sun Guoxiang said, thanking about a dozen families who attended for having brought their love to their adopted children from China.

Among the parents present were office administrator Genia Babyak and her husband Michael, an engineer, who adopted two Chinese girls.

Ten-year-old Juliet, who was adopted when she was eight months old, is already thinking about a career in law or science when she grows up. Eight-year-old Genevieve, adopted when she was one year old, wants to be both a doctor and a chef.

The Babyaks sent their daughters to Chinese schools to learn Chinese language and culture, as they want them to remember where they were from and to retain their Chinese identity. The parents are also learning the language.

It is the first time Babyak family has attended an event at the Consulate General, but they have been involved in many other cultural events held by Families with Children from China (FCC) and at their daughters' school.

The family also host Chinese students who come to the US as exchange students at high schools in New York. They said this helps their daughters to understand the country and the culture better.

The Caban family first attended the Children's Day celebration at the Consulate General in 2007.

Tina Caban and Rey Caban adopted a Chinese girl named Isabella, and have raised her with their son. Tina, a second-generation Chinese born in the US, said she wanted both her children to grow up learning about Chinese culture.

Aileen Koger Fogarty, one of the founders of FCC, adopted her Chinese daughter, Qiu Meng, when she was only two weeks ago.

Nineteen-year-old Qiu said she grew up realizing the importance of Chinese culture to her. She has been part of all the events her mother has held at the FCC.

US-Chinese adoptions celebrated
China's Consul General Sun Guoxiang (left) talks with a child from an adoptive family in New York. [Liu Yiyi for China Daily]