China-US cooperation on clean energy

Updated: 2014-05-16 11:06

(China Daily USA)

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Why is it important for China and the US to cooperate on developing clean energy?

Robert Malay, director of the US-China Clean Energy Research Center, office of policy and international affairs, at the US Department of Energy, listed them in remarks to the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Club of Washington in February last year:

US and China are the world's largest economies.

US and China are the world's largest producers and consumers of energy, and share many common challenges and common interests.

China and the US together account for 40 percent of annual global emissions of greenhouse gases.

Both countries are highly dependent on coal for electricity - about 50 percent in the US and 80 percent in China.

Significant actions by both nations are critical to combat climate change globally.

Both are heavily reliant on foreign resources of oil.

Both recognize the vital importance of secure affordable and clean energy.

Both face common challenges of diversifying sources of energy and transforming users of energy.

Both see strengthening scientific discovery, as a means to inspire economic competitiveness and quality of life through innovation.

Both countries are expanding 21st century infrastructure, most of which has yet to be built and can be significantly influenced by advanced technology.

(China Daily USA 05/16/2014 page19)