Scroll revives cheongsam beauty in New York

Updated: 2015-03-10 11:22

By Hong Xiao in New York(China Daily USA)

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Scroll revives cheongsam beauty in New York

[Photo by Hong Xiao / China Daily]

"None of them are professional models," said Liu. "They participate in this project by just signing up."

"Extending the giant scroll is aimed at inspiring more women to experience the cheongsam culture and cheongsam's glamour. We're using the giant scroll as a vehicle not only because of its length, but also because its breadth and depth express the cheongsam culture," Liu added.

Meng Qinggang, the inheritor of Tianjin-based cheongsam brand Meng Luochuan, led listeners back through the evolution of cheongsam by showing dozens of antique cheongsams more than 100 years old.

"The cheongsam is to the Chinese what the kimono is to the Japanese and the hanbok to Koreans. It is a formal dress that can represent our nation. To some degree, the cheongsam does bind the female body with its high collar and body-hugging shape, highlighting feminine beauty," Meng said.

Made of pure silk, which can be preserved up to 1,500 years, according to research, there couldn't be better a more apt carrier of Chinese culture than the cheongsam, Meng said.

Quan Wenhua, a consultant in China, was one of the 11 ladies on the scroll who came to the US at their own expense.

"When I wear a cheongsam, I feel confident and elegant," Quan said. "I feel proud to bring cheongsam culture to America, especially when we walked into the United Nations wearing cheongsams yesterday, and people who we don't know asked us to take photos since they thought we were very beautiful and traditional in cheongsams. I really enjoyed their appreciation."

The Guohua-Global Chinese Cheongsam Image Giant Scroll is now being shot in New York, and the project's camera crews have received invitations from Chinese communities in Washington, Los Angeles and San Francisco to add to the cheongsam scroll there.