Battleground of ideas

Updated: 2012-07-06 08:47

(China Daily)

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Battleground of ideas

Battleground of ideas

Experts list what they think are the key areas of research

Kerry Brown,

Chatham House

How China handles the responsibility of being an economic superpower ahead of schedule

Why China is investing so little in the rest of the world

Whether it is a myth that China is naturally insular

Whether a Mitt Romney victory might actually be good for China-US relations

Xu Wei,

China Center for International Economic Exchanges

How to boost China's historically low household consumption rate

The need to create more consumers in rural areas by raising incomes and providing more infrastructure

How measures to provide a welfare safety net in China will boost consumption

Housing and the need for more affordable homes in China

Miranda Carr and Oliver Barron,


Hard or soft landing for China economy

Whether the property bubble has been sufficiently deflated

When will the yuan become convertible and will it threaten the dollar's supremacy

Would a euro collapse hit China hard

European companies repatriating money from China

Isabel Hilton,

CEO of chinadialogue

The impact of China's subsidized clean energy industries on foreign competition

Whether China has managed to achieve a more environmentally sustainable model of development

Whether China is meeting the environmental targets set out in the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-15)

Will China's hunger for resources place an intolerable strain on the planet

Duncan Innes-Ker,

senior researcher, Economist Intelligence Unit

Which are the fastest growing areas of China in which to invest

Is China meeting its environmental targets

Whether China is stepping up its overseas investment

The internationalization of the yuan and the opportunity for London to become an offshore renminbi center

James Fallows,

New America Foundation and national correspondent for the Atlantic

Why China-US relations are not top of the agenda for American people despite TV coverage

The convergence of Western and Chinese thinking about China

Why predictions of an economic collapse of China have been proved wrong for 30 years

China is no longer black or white and a more nuanced picture is emerging

Michael Barr,

Newcastle University

China's growing use of soft power and its impact

Whether the China-Africa relationship is more positive than many in the West believe

A lack of recognition in the West that China is still more a developing country than an economic giant

What China can offer the rest of the world in terms of culture and ideas rather than just exports

Whether China can meet its environmental obligations

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