Gadhafi's son warns of civil war in Libya

Updated: 2011-02-21 08:52


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TRIPOLI - Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's son Seif al-Islam said in a televised address early Monday that Libya was in danger of civil wars if the clashes escalate, according to Doha-based Al-Jazeera.

He said that Libyans and the army are with Gaddafi, and the army will play a huge role in future. "We will not give up any inch of the Libyan territory."

"We will have to lay down a constitution for the country," he said, pledging to make reforms in future.

He hinted that his father was still in Libya, saying that Gaddafi "was not a leader as (Zine El Abidine) Ben Ali or (Hosni) Mubarak." He also accused foreign media of manipulating information.

Dubai-based Al-Alabiya and Al-Jazeera reported earlier that Gaddafi has left for Brazil or Venezuela, and his son Seif al- Islam took over as the head of the country. But this was not confirmed by any Libyan official sources.

Al-Alabiya also reported that some of the troops in the eastern city of Benghazi have defected and have liberated the city.

Gaddafi's son said if the situation goes out of control, every Libyan has to carry arms to defend himself, because the country will have bloodshed. "Violence worse than Iraq" is possible if revolt continues.

Seif al-Islam said that it was a plot against Libya, as foreign elements were present in the country.

He said that some Islamic groups were behind the protests and turmoil, attempting to establish an "Islamic Emirate."

He said that Libya is different from Tunisia or Egypt. Any separation will make the country fall back to the situation 60 or 70 years ago. The clashes may cause civil wars in Libya.

Seif al-Islam said 84 protestors were killed in Benghazi, denying early reports of 250 deaths of protestors.

He said that protestors attacked the road-blocks in Benghazi because they were angry. Dozens of protestors were arrested, including some campaigners. Some tanks and heavy equipments were controlled by protestors.

He said that the army and the police did not prepare to battle people.

"What's happening in Libya is very dangerous," he said. "How will Libya feed its people if the country falls apart?"

Seif al-Islam said the country is composed of tribes and clans, and oil is the only source that keep the Libyans united.

He also denied the use of mercenaries, saying the reports about this were not true.  Protestors began to go on streets in Libya on Wednesday, calling for an end to Muammar Gaddafi's 42-year old rule, in an apparent attempt to emulate recent protests in neighboring Tunisia and Egypt, which forced the leaders of both countries to quit.

Libyan envoy to the Arab League resigned on Sunday and joined the protests in his country, Egypt's state-run MENA agency reported.

A total of 100 protesters have been killed in the Libyan city of Benghazi by the security forces on anti-government protests, the pan-Arab Al Arabiya TV reported on Sunday.More World News


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