Snapshots: The world in 24 hours Mar 2

Updated: 2011-03-03 17:27


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Snapshots: The world in 24 hours Mar 2

Libya's leader Muammar Gaddafi gestures to his supporters before making a speech in which he sought to defuse tensions after more than 10 days of anti-government protests, in Tripoli Mar 2, 2011. Gaddafi, orchestrating a populist response to rebels threatening his rule, blamed al Qaeda on Wednesday for creating turmoil and told applauding supporters there was a conspiracy to control Libya and its oil. [Photo/Agencies]


Snapshots: The world in 24 hours Mar 2

A five-day-old gorilla sleeps in the arms of its ten-year-old mother N'Yokumi at an enclosure at the zoo in Zurich Mar 2, 2011. The gender of the baby gorilla is not yet known and a name has yet to be chosen. [Photo/Agencies]


NPC & CPPCC sessions

Lawmakers and political advisers gather in Beijing to discuss major issues.

Self-made aircraft

An automobile mechanic in Northeast China made a test flight of his self-made aircraft which cost about US$395.

Venetian Carnival

Masked revellers celebrate in Saint Mark's Square in Venice.

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