FM: Brazil supports Cuban reforms

Updated: 2011-04-21 09:13


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RIO DE JANEIRO - Brazilian Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota said Wednesday that the Brazilian government is following the recent changes in the structure of the Cuban Communist Party, and considers those changes positive.

According to the ministry's spokesperson, Tovar Nunes, Patriota considers that Cuba is undergoing "an important transition moment which Brazil supports." He also qualified Cuba as a prosperous, solid nation which has evolved much in terms of social rights and liberties.

Cuban former leader Fidel Castro announced Tuesday he had stepped down from his position as first secretary of the Communist Party. His brother and current leader of Cuba, Raul Castro, was elected to take his place at the party's sixth congress ending Tuesday.

The Communist Party also approved a series of measures to reform the Cuban economy and political structure. The terms of political leaders will be limited to five years, renewable for another five, and the young politicians' presence in the government will be increased.


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