Snapshots: The world in 24 hours, May 15

Updated: 2011-05-16 16:36


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Snapshots: The world in 24 hours, May 15

Ahmed Abdul-Fattah al-Saada, the father of Osama bin Laden's youngest wife, shows an official document from Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh as he talks during an interview with Reuters in Sanaa May 14, 2011.[Photo/Agencies]

Snapshots: The world in 24 hours, May 15

A National Guard troop stands guard on a levee as floodwaters approach Butte LaRose, Louisiana May 15, 2011. Army engineers on Saturday opened a key spillway to allow the swollen Mississippi River to flood thousands of homes and crops but spare New Orleans and Louisiana's capital Baton Rouge.[Photo/Agencies]

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