Bomb-making terror suspect arrested in NYC

Updated: 2011-11-21 11:23


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NEW YORK - A 27-year-old man suspected of plotting to bomb various targets in New York City, including those of government and police, has been arrested, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Sunday.

Police suspected Jose Pimentel, a Manhattan resident and al Qaida sympathizer, was plotting to bomb police, post offices and various other targets, Bloomberg told a news conference

The suspect allegedly got instructions on how to build a pipe bomb from al Qaida's Inspire magazine, published by radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who was killed by a US drone attack in Yemen in September.

Police has followed the suspect since May 2009 and successfully took the man into custody before he could detonate a fully-operated bomb, according to the New York Police Department Commissioner Ray Kelly.

This is the 14th terror threat targeting New York City since the 9/11 attacks and the suspect was believed to act alone.

"The suspect was a so-called lone wolf, motivated by his own resentment of American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as al Qaida propaganda," Bloomberg said. "He was not part of a larger conspiracy emanating from abroad."

The suspect now faces terrorism-related charges including conspiracy, first-degree criminal possession of a weapon as a crime of terrorism, and soliciting support for a terrorist act.