Obama campaign unveils new slogan 'Forward'

Updated: 2012-05-01 09:02


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WASHINGTON - US President Barack Obama campaign unveiled its new slogan "Forward" on Monday, in an attempt to forward to four more years in the White House.

Chanting "Hope and Change" into the office more than three years ago, Obama changed his message to "Forward" this time on his re-election campaign trail. His team released the new slogan in a seven-minute campaign ad, ahead of Obama's first re-election rally due to be held in Ohio and Virginia on Saturday.

The ad begins by recalling a surging jobless rate and a gloomy economic outlook as the "legacy" Bush Administration left behind. The team seizes the opportunity to highlight all the president's accomplishments in his first term, including the assassination of al-Qaeda's former leader Osama bin Laden one year ago, ending the Iraq war, as well as the efforts to save Americans' jobs and pull the country back from "an economic disaster".

The campaign team also uses the ad to accuse Republicans in the Capitol Hill of obstructing the administration's efforts and failing policies that could save US economy. Several key Republican figures, including the presumptive presidential nominee Mitt Romney, are shown in the ad.

"I believe America is on the way up," Obama is shown telling supporters at the end of the video.

William Galston, US politics expert and senior fellow with think tank Brookings, said unlike in 2008, Obama has to make some hard choices about the thematics of his campaign, when he can no longer tap a broader electorate by a single message. He also said job creation and economic recovery will be the master of Obama's fate on the road to re-election.

A Gallup survey released on Monday shows Obama and Romney are currently tied in approvals on the presidential election trail.