Obama to continue his China policy

Updated: 2012-11-07 15:26


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LOS ANGELES - Incumbent US President Barack Obama, who has just won re-election in the US presidential race, will continue the diplomacy in dealing with China during his second term, US Democratic Representative Judy Chu said in Alhambra, Calif. on Tuesday evening.

"I think that he will continue to use diplomacy, and certainly he used a lot of more diplomacy than (Republican candidate Mitt) Romney did," Chu told Xinhua while attending an election night party held at the Boteco restaurant in the southern Calif. city.

"Romney was just very combative. I think it's important to establish links and communications which President Obama was more successful in doing," the representative said.

Obama, who has handled China policy during his four-year term as the US president, has been very experienced in this area, Chu said, adding she didn't think that Obama would change his policy toward China.

"I don't think he will change that," she said.