Karex: world's condom emperor in Malaysia

Updated: 2015-02-12 10:18


Karex: world's condom emperor in Malaysia

A worker holding a variety of colored condoms at the Karex condom factory in Port Klang, Malaysia, January 17, 2015. [Photo/IC]

Karex is one of the world's largest maker of condoms with an anual output of some four billion pieces.

The family run Malaysian business with manufacturing facilities across Pontian, Johor, Port Klang Selangor and also in Hat Yai, Thailand, has a workforce of 2,000 employees and utilises the local rubber production for their product.

The company continues to explore new designs, changing shapes, sizes, textures, colors, flavors and fragrances, including chocolate, marijuana and durian flavored condoms.

A third of the production goes to the United Nations and other international organizations. The company plans to increase production aiming for six billion pieces annually by end of 2015.

The company claims that more than one condom in ten manufactured in the world, comes from Malaysia.

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