Hugo Chavez legacy lives on in Venezuela despite woes

Updated: 2015-03-06 11:16


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Hugo Chavez legacy lives on in Venezuela despite woes

The tomb of Venezuela's late president Hugo Chavez is seen during a ceremony commemorating the 2nd anniversary of his death, at the 4F military fort in Caracas March 5, 2015. [Photo/Agencies]

 His successor, Nicolas Maduro has continued the socialist reforms started by his predecessor, despite political and social unrest, and economic strife.

"President Maduro has reaffirmed that our 'chavista' forces are very strong and we continue with Chavez's guidance to implement a socialist model in our nation," Culture Minister Reinaldo Iturriza said.

Iturriza believes that opposition groups have tried over the last two years to "dismember" the revolutionary and socialist forces with numerous strategies, including "terrorism, psychological and economic warfare, and coup attempts."

"They thought the day after Chavez died that our revolution was over because he was the true leader. However, Chavez left a legacy of conscience and political identity in our country that cannot be broken," said the minister.

Since Chavez first appeared on national television after leading a failed military rebellion in 1992, he became a political phenomenon in a nation with 80 percent poverty.

"Chavez was our hope in those years and after he came to power he gave the Venezuelan people true dignity with rights never seen before in the history of this country," said Laura Trujillo, a 42 year-old housewife.