Flights cancelled as ash cloud pours from Chile volcano

Updated: 2015-04-24 07:17


Flights cancelled as ash cloud pours from Chile volcano

View of the road to San Carlos de Bariloche, province of Rio Negro, 1570 km southwest of Buenos Aires, with a menacing ashes cloud from the Calbuco volcano in neighbouring Chile, on April 22, 2015. Chile's Calbuco volcano erupted on Wednesday, spewing a giant funnel of ash high into the sky near the southern port city of Puerto Montt and triggering a red alert. Authorities ordered an evacuation for a 10-kilometer (six-mile) radius around the volcano, which is the second in southern Chile to have a substantial eruption since March 3, when the Villarrica volcano emitted a brief but fiery burst of ash and lava. [Photo/CFP]

Most of the ash, however, was headed over the Andes mountains into neighboring Argentina, and weather experts said it could reach as far as Buenos Aires province, some 1,500 kilometers to the east.

"At the moment we don't forecast the ashes will reach Buenos Aires city, depending on whether or not there is a third eruption," said Ignacio Lopez, a meteorologist at Argentina's national meteorology center.