Taliban launching indiscriminate attacks in Afghanistan

Updated: 2015-05-28 09:44


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Taliban launching indiscriminate attacks in Afghanistan

An Afghan policeman inspects the wreckage of a car after a Taliban attack on a guesthouse in Kabul May 27, 2015. [Photo/Agencies]

The armed outfit also conducted a deadly suicide bombing in Kabul on May 17 which left three people dead and 17 others injured, while days later on May 25 a suicide car bomb in the southern Zabul province claimed four lives and injured more than 70 other civilians, according to police.

"Afghan security forces are capable enough and more experienced to foil terrorist offensives than before and that is why the attackers were killed in a few hours,"the analyst said.

Generally, the Taliban insurgents are of the view that they could defeat the Afghanistan security forces in the absence of NATO-led troops, the analyst said, adding that although the NATO- led forces ended their combat mission in late 2014, the militants have failed to capture a single district.

Taliban militants have intensified their activities amid the government's determined efforts to bring the armed outfit to the negotiating table.

"The government's effort to reconcile with the Taliban is meaningless,"Daneshjo said, adding that peace efforts like yesteryear's won't deliver.

The analyst was skeptical about the reported inking of an agreement of cooperation between Afghanistan and Pakistan intelligence agencies,saying the agreement would benefit Pakistan.

"The Taliban, by launching deadly attacks, effectively want to prove their presence in the political and military arena,"human rights activist and spokesman for the Afghan human rights commission Rafihullah Bedar told local media on Wednesday, adding that killing civilians is an inhumane act of cowardly terrorism.


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